Faith Baptist Church of Murray, KY

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We are located just outside Murray on KY-121.  If you have any questions about our church, please visit the "About" tab, or feel free to email us at [email protected]

Are you Seeking a Church to Join?

It may sound strange, but at Faith Baptist Church our goal is not to just "find some more members".  We believe that God adds members to His churches as he leads them.  If you are part of a church body somewhere, then your responsibility is to be in those services above all else.  We believe that God must be the sole leading factor in selecting a church.  If the church is His body, then He is the great Surgeon who must perform the transplant of moving one body part to another one of his Local bodies.

We must seek his will in worship before any other factor can be considered in our lives.  Rather than seeking a church near a job or college, seek a job or college near your church.

We openly invite all of the "unchurched" to come and experience the truth of God's word and Holy Spirit filled worship and teaching.  And if God has placed us somehow sovereignly in your path, then we will pray with you about his will.

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